Exhibition Milaan 2022

Social label is participant in the Exhibition The Social Side of Design

expo in collaboration with the Dutch Consulate in Milan and the Dutch Embassy In Rome by Wisse Trooster

Acknowledging all special needs and diverse necessities, we need to empower and alleviate society and daily practices by design. In this context, designers have the opportunity to put their work at the service of society.

During the Milan Design Week 2022, Isola will host an exhibition and a series of talks about social design for the elders in collaboration with the Dutch Consulate in Milan and the Dutch Embassy in Rome.

Participating designers and design studios: Stichting Social Label (studio Boot & C-Mone) , Stichting de Tijdmachine, Studio Anne Ligtenberg, Kwiek, Studio Sociaal Centraal, Super Local, Malou Beemer.




Game over

This is how our participants sometimes feel. That is why social label wants to be meaningful. Social label designs tailor-made labor for design with meaning. It opens new perspectives for design and society.

Democratisation of beauty in an intimate setting where time stands still. The future of Social label lies in ‘being’, and in surrounding ourselves with design with meaning. With this positive activism, initiators Petra Janssen (Studio Boot) and Simone Kramer (C-mone) are forging a growing inclusive movement with a socially sustainable collection and program for another view on labour, learning and participation.



The book Social label Works focusses on this refreshing design by doing approach. In addition to extensive collection and photo overviews, lessons in socio economics, quantitative and qualitative impact measurements, the book features interviews with makers and designers and reports of lectures and discussion panels. A number of essays show how the ambitions of Social label relate to the current, cultural, social and economic context. ‘Can design save the world?’

SOCIAL LABEL WORKS  an open book on designing labour, by Petra Janssen & Simone Kramer


Storytelling tableware

Social label has initiated a collaboration between health care organisations Cello, Reinier van Arkel and graphic designer Edwin Vollebergh (Studio Boot). People with a mental disability and psychological problems are working on tableware with a story. The stories of the people are visualised in ‘tattoos’. The tattoos help break taboos.

Social label>KOM  in partnership with designer Edwin Vollebergh, Cello Zorg & Reinier van Arkel.





Through education, we want to show the importance of working together. In combination with this, meeting participants from the social label community is very important. Their talents are the starting point for the design process. This provides new insights for the young designers. Design student Farida from Lille (FR) did an internship at Studio Boot and Social label to design a new product for Nursemin and Valerie, makers of Artenzo (Amarant zorg). She was taught how to make moulds by ceramist Olga Pullens.

Education pilot project> SCHOON, design student Farida Bachir  in collaboration with teacher studio Boot and Artenzo, the creative workspace within Amarant in Tilburg.



“Laundry is a part of the daily ritual, now the clothes wash disappears when it has to dry in an anonymous drying machine. I miss hanging the laundry both inside and outside and when you hang a sheet over the rack, it suddenly becomes a tent.” The ceramic bucket is cast from a traditional milk pail with a leather handle with brightly coloured paracord. Old habits are relaunched for a better environment.

Social label>Was in partnership with designer Rianne Makkink, Studio Makkink&Bey and SMO Breda



event Isola


Tuesday 7 juni – Sunday 12 june 2022

11.00-20.00 Isola, Milan Italy

Pallazo Lombardia

Città di Lombardia Square



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